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How we can help


Mixing well-defined structured and disruptive searching, we scout for best-fit technologies.

We scan the peripheral area, derive the relevant information, analyze & evaluate the strategic fit for your application.

In technology scouting, we scan a range of emerging technologies/applications with a combination of structured searches and derivative-free methods

In collaboration with you, we define the relevant action fields and derive detailed information relevant to you

We benchmark identified technologies/applications using the weightage based ranking methodology to derive best-fit technologies/applications

Our team will analyze and evaluate the findings in relation to your questions and will make the conclusions and recommendations exclusively available to you

Laser Cutting


Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Using Quaestio Diversification service, a global metalworking company explores a new market application for its core-competencies

Black Desert

Ready to Scout?

We work with bold and energic leaders who want to define the future. Our services help you address your unknowns and unseens.

We are happy to take care of your request!

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