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Research Program

Identify. Evaluate. Monitor. Implement.

Personalized research program for your strategic initiatives

Created for businesses that have wide-ranging and diverse strategic initiatives or operational issues, this program provides your company with Quaestio experts who utilize our cross-domain expertise and research experience to coordinate real-time program support, custom data cuts, analyst engagement to address your specific questions.

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  • Technologies/solutions

  • Partners/suppliers

  • Market/applications

  • Whitespace/Opportunities

  • Trends/signal

  • Competition

Quaestio helps you to strategize for the future and accurately identify, link, and discover growth opportunities, with a forecast for how the technologies and markets will change over time.


  • Technology position

  • Competitor's strategy

  • Market Potential

  • Technology Landscape

  • Impact/threat
  • Business model
  • Route to market
  • Supply-chain model

We help you understand the pros and cons of diverse strategies, engaging with partners that can lower your time-to-market and help engineer a win-win techno-commercial collaborations

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  • Signal Identifications

  • New startups & model

  • Alarming services

  • Ecosystem monitoring

Identify early trends, development directions, industry pulse, and signals, at an early stage and react to them at the right moment


  • Technology adoption

  • Prototyping support

  • Player/technical due diligence

  • Market entry

  • Feasibility assessment

  • Procurement advisory

Execute possible strategy in an emerging area with a likely partner. Use our techno-commercial and research expertise in the implementation phase

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Leverage your core competencies for a possible new market application outside the traditional market.


New Focus Areas.

Decide fearlessly in strategic new zone

New Focus Areas.

Technology & Product Roadmaps.

Build your toolkit for the future and navigate through the disruption and uncertainty.


Technical Due-diligence.

Assess technological characteristics of your target company, ere to investment, or collaboration decision.


Laser Cutting


Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Using Quaestio Diversification service, a global metalworking company explores a new market application for its core-competencies

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