Strategic Support Services

Program based engagement services for strategic initiatives

Continuing Engagement

Created for businesses that have wide-ranging and diverse strategic initiatives or operational issues, this program provides your company with Quaestio experts who utilize our cross-domain expertise and research experience to coordinate real-time program support, custom data cuts, analyst engagement to address your specific questions.

Strategic Support Services

Continuing program-based engagement to address your specific questions



Leverage your core-competencies for a possible new market application outside traditional market.


In diversification project, we systematically scout and evaluate new products and applications relevant to your core-competencies.


During commencing, we engage with the core team that specializes in your core-competencies, to build a strong base-line and understanding.


Using proven and systematical process, our experts scout for diversification options across industries and map them to your competencies.


Evaluating potential options based on performance metrics and competencies parameter, we recommend best-fit options with business case evaluation and market potential for decision-making on strategic diversification.


As a result, you discover new markets based on your existing know-how enabling you to build up viable competitive advantage.


Strategic Roadmaps / New Focus Area

Equip your teams with our information and intelligence program support before venturing into strategic new zone for your business.


Be it implementing digitization or boosting sustainability into your products and services, our tailor-made program meets your information needs to help you decide fearlessly in the strategic new zone.


Combining our techno-commercial expertise along with new area domain experts, we help you explore the potential of tomorrow.

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Technical Due-diligence

Use our due-diligence service to assess the technological characteristics of your target company, ere to investment, or collaboration decision.


We provide you with an in-depth assessment of the target’s suitability, maturity, IP, and value proposition of their technologies.


In consultation with industry experts, we evaluate the target’s technological performance and business capabilities in comparison to competitors, validation of market, and technology with M&A situation in designate industries.


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