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Take informed decision using Quaestio information services worth 120 hours of research for €990

*Please note this program is available for limited slots and time period only, read below for disclosures, terms, and conditions.

Kick start your recovery program with information support for your strategic decisions

Scout & assess technologies

Explore new technologies across industries and understand knowledge area to ensure informed decisions.

Boost your innovation program

Find & analyze patent and scientific literature to develop and protect innovations

Evaluate competition & markets

Deconstruct competition strategies & Determine market activities to stay ahead of the curve

Disclosures, Terms, and conditions

The following points disclose keynotes, terms, and conditions for use of Quaestio - Research Assistance Program, if you have any other query or would like to understand more, please write to us on

  1. For a general requirement following steps shall be:

    • Step 1: Introduction to the program and Quaestio

    • Step 2: NDA & vendor registration (if required)

    • Step 3: Project/requirement briefing

    • Step 4: Proposal or statement of work from Quaestio

    • Step 5: Service agreement and PO

    • Step 6: Project/research kick-off, project execution, and touch-base

    • Step 7: Final deliverables, presentation, and feedback

    • Step 8: Billing and invoicing.

  2. Invoicing shall reflect actual pricing based Quaestio’s estimate, with final pricing capped at EURO 990, after discounting amount for using research assistance program (RAP)

  3. For billing in any other currencies (USD, CHF, INR, etc.), the above amount shall be converted at actuals

  4. Requirements that exceed more than 120 hours / 4 weeks' efforts for the program, might be subject to additional pricing at actuals. This shall be pre-informed at the proposal stage (step 4).

  5. Paid primary consultation if required in any research assignments, shall be charged at actuals.

  6. Other valve-added programs including additional post-project support and resource availability, newsletter updates on research topics, flexible payment terms, etc. might not be applicable for RAP program

  7. In the case of on-going research assignments such as technology monitoring, patent monitoring, etc. RAP program implementation shall be subject to Quaestio’s monthly effort estimates and time frame of the assignment

  8. Quaestio reserve rights on reapplication of RAP program for another requirement/re-run of the same assignment

  9. The program is limited based on research hour capacity subjected to the nature of the requirement and end-use for the output

  10. The program is only applicable for one-off project engagement model. This includes services such as Technology Intelligence, IP intelligence, Market Intelligence, and Business Intelligence. The program cannot be applied for strategic support services and executive support services.

  11. Quaestio reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the program at any time, for any reason

  12. To understand more about our security, privacy policies, please check our legal page.

About us.


Boutique Research & Consultancy Firm


Specializing in research, analysis, and advisory services

Quaestio, business division of SMB Intertrade, is a professional intelligence service provider, specializing in research, analysis, and advisory services

The firm provides personalized research services for technology, market, intellectual property, and competitor intelligence

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Learn more about our execitive services



Discover, Understand, and Monitor Technologies.


Answering questions for R&D and Technology teams: Strategic - Tactical - Operational

Services include: Technology Scouting, Technology Monitoring and Technology Assessment

IP Research

& Intelligence

Develop, Protect, and Realize Innovations.


Support across patent lifecycle: Ideation - Protection - Monetization

Services include: Prosecution Support, Prior art Searches, IP Landscape and Licensing Support



Determine, Assess, and Anticipate Markets.


Market engineering services to support decision on: Markets - Products - Investments

Services include: Market Assessment and Market entry Strategy



Deconstruct, Insulate, and Expand Business.


Helping competitive, M&A, market intelligence teams: Deconstruct - Insulate - Expand

Services include: Competitor Assessment, PESTEL Analysis, Impact / Threat Analysis, and M&A Collaboration




Continuing program-based engagement to address your specific questions

Services include: Diversification, Strategic Roadmaps / New Focus Area, Technical Due-diligence




Account-based on-going services across business functions

Functions include: CXO's, R&D & Innovation, Trends & Foresight, Growth & Strategy, Intellectual Property, Sales & Marketing.


  • Plastics & Packaging

  • Chemicals & Materials

  • Mobility

  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment

  • Natural Resources & Energy

  • Food & Beverages

  • Healthcare & Life Science

  • Consumer Goods

  • Aerospace, Defense & Security

  • High Tech

Case Example.


Client type

Project Synopsis

Chemicals & Materials

A global chemical company with products in fertilizers, petrochemicals, and textiles.

Technology Scouting & Implementation Support

The client was looking for solutions to counter anti-fouling in process equipments to increase process efficiency and reduce production down-time.

Quaestio help the client:

  • Scan for solutions across different industries, segmented by design, coatings, and process solutions.

  • Evaluate each solution by a set of technical parameters to shortlist feasible solutions

  • Validate solutions with industry experts and consultants

  • Recommended best-fit solution and arranged implementation ecosystem including testing, designing, and engineering

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Research, Analysis, and Advisory
Unit of SMB Intertrade

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