Project Based Engagement

For one-off research requirements - be it large or small projects

Technology Intelligence

Discover, Understand, and Monitor Technologies

IP Research & Intelligence

Develop, Protect, and Realize Innovations

Market Intelligence

Determine, Assess, and Anticipate Markets

Business Intelligence

Deconstruct, Insulate, and Expand Business


Technology Intelligence

Answering questions for R&D and Technology teams: Strategic - Tactical - Operational

Teech Scouting.png

Technology Scouting

In technology scouting, we scan a range of emerging technologies/applications with a combination of structured searches and derivative-free methods.

In collaboration with you, we define the relevant action fields and derive detailed information relevant to you.

Our team will analyze and evaluate theses in relation to your questions and will make the conclusions and recommendations exclusively available to you.

Technology Monitoring


Dedicated monitoring and signaling services to help you stay informed on innovations, scientific/technology developments, ecosystem, and markets.


Personalized based on your needs, we define the required frequency of reports and the scope of the search.


Curated by our experts, the service enables you to identify early trends, development directions, industry pulse, and signals, to help you react to them at the right moment.


Technology Assessment

For an assessment project, we identify, analyze, structure, and evaluate a complete knowledge area.


Together with you, we define the focal point of the content and help answer your individual questions on the said knowledge area.


Using a board set of filters/visualization tools, analytical methods, and industry consultations, our experts can also help you understand the dynamics, whitespaces, opportunities, emerging trends, future scenarios, foresight, acceleration analysis, potential disruptors, applications, and ecosystem evolutions within the knowledge area.


The service helps you master your area of interest while enabling you to make quick and sound decisions in your company.


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IP Research & Intelligence

Support across patent lifecycle: Ideation - Protection - Monetization

Prosecution Support

Novelty / Patentability searches
Patent watch
Foreign language searches

Prior art Searches

FTO / Clearance searches
Invalidity / Opposition searches
State-of-the-art searches

Portfolio Analysis

Patent-product maps
Portfolio quality assessment 
Portfolio optimization strategy

IP Landscape

Technology evolution analysis

Competitive assessment

White-space analysis

Licensing Support

Infringement analysis

Intake due-diligence
New application / New targets

M&A Support

Technology due-diligence
Risk factor assessment


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Market Intelligence

Market engineering services to support decision on: Markets - Products - Investments

Market Assessment.png

Market Assessment

Engineered for your specific question on markets, this assessment service will help you discover new opportunities and validate your understanding of the landscape.

Our methodology combines: demand-supply evaluation, market dynamics/trends analysis, industry landscape, and regulatory understanding, to provide information support for your strategy and decision making.

Service encompasses:

  • Market driver analysis

  • Market potential and forecasting

  • Voice of customer analysis

  • Market expansion

  • Business model innovation​

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Global & regional market landscape

  • New ecosystems & partners

  • Regulations

  • Industry expert analysis​

market entry.png

Market Entry Strategy

Design to meet your needs of reliable intelligence on new market opportunities and a partner to help launch new products and services.

We help you evaluate relevant entry options and work with you to define plans with applicable decision-gate and performance metrics.

Crafted by our experts, the outline of our structured framework is summarized below:

  • We begin with a collaborative and diagnostic review of your company’s product/service/interest area to design the best possible personalized solution for your business

  • Performing in-depth industry analysis and demand-supply evaluation with a techno-commercial lens, we help garner market potential for your business

  • Evaluating and planning entry modes, we help you identify growth opportunities and assess strategic fitment with a clear-eyed view of your drivers and barriers


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Business Intelligence

Helping competitive, M&A, market intelligence teams to: Deconstruct - Insulate - Expand

comp. assessment.png

Competitor Assessment

Stay focused on your goals, while we help you keep track of your competition. Our service will help you identify and fill information gaps while gauging competitor's strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Service comprises:

  • Detailed assessment of organization structure, market share, business segments, and function areas

  • Assess product portfolio, understand technology initiatives, and future development plans

  • Track and analysis innovation areas, R&D investments, capabilities, and partnerships

  • Generate hypothesis on possible strategic focus and roadmaps

PESTEL Analysis


Deconstruct external drivers, factors influencing your business and operations, using our PESTEL analysis framework.

Before implementing your strategies or entering a new domain, conduct a situation analysis in your domain. This helps you respond to changes in the external business environment and create a competitive advantage.

Impact analysis.png

Impact / Threat Analysis

Exercise our services to understand the impact of upcoming trends on your business and evaluate the threat of substitution from new technologies.

By identifying current-future technology and market trends, followed by an evaluation of each trend to determine how these would evolve in the future, we perform a cumulative assessment to model impact/threat based on multiple factors.

The service helps you draw your future strategies and apprehend the potential in the new market.

M&A collob..png

M&A Collaboration

Customized to meet your strategic needs, we help you identify targets and make an informed selection.


Applying structured research techniques, we produce a long-list of players; Together with you, we define the stage-gate criteria to help short-list best-fit partners.


The service helps you reduce your time-to-market and accelerate your technology adoption with the right set of partners.


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