Combining information, insight, and expertise, we help you accelerate decision making

Quaestio is a professional intelligence service provider, specializing in research, analysis, and advisory to help businesses with innovation and strategic decision support.

We provide personalized research services for your individual questions on technology, market, intellectual property, and competitor intelligence.

Our cross-domain expertise, structural approach, techno-commercial background provide you with objective and independent insights.


We provide tailor-made research and consulting services for your individual questions. In our personalized approach, we invest in understanding you and customize our methodology to meet your needs.

Cross-industry and Independent

We are objective and consistently unbiased as we design strategies, provide support and guide execution. We guarantee an objective evaluation and technological and ecological transparency while providing a cross-industry point of view

Deep-rooted Expertise and Pragmatic Advice

We bring research and consulting expertise with strong engineering and commercial background. Our actionable advice allows you to remain grounded in the realities of your business environment.

Easily Accessible, Always Available

We boast ourselves to be easily accessible to you, whenever required, whenever needed, much like your extended team. Smoother processing, just a ping away!


We keep you informed, involved and inspired in our execution process and solutioning.

Our Methodology

A bottom-up, granular approach



 Together we combine research and consulting experience of our people with a global network of industry experts.

We bring engagement and interaction experience of working with global fortune corporation